Death Date Inscriptions

We provide on-sight inscriptions as well as inscriptions at our shop. The charge for an on-sight inscription is $150. A shop inscription charge is $250. On-sight inscriptions are done once a month, weather permitting. We offer a 5 day service on shop inscriptions, weather permitting and with cemetery approval.


We offer the service of cleaning your headstones. Find out how to receive cleanings for as little as $75. Please call or e-mail us to get more information on our annual cleaning program.


We restore most types of granite headstones. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for information and a free estimate in the Utah County area. We also replace or add new cement to existing markers.

Re-Leveling Headstones

We provide free re-leveling if needed on all markers purchased from our company. We also re-level existing markers from other companies for a small fee.


We have extensive experience in making and installing signs and landscape rocks.

Veterans & Memorial Walls

We provide a variety of services for local Veteran’s. We set military markers in cement and place them at the cemetery for as little as $200. We also design, build and maintain several Veteran/Memorial Walls in the valley.

QR Code Memorials

Memorial Art Monument QR Code Plaques is a new method for honoring the memory of your loved ones.

What is a QR Code? – Similar to a barcode, we see them being used to label all kinds of things, and their use will continue to increase. This special symbol can be read by a smart-phone, and the information that is read is used to retrieve additional information from a website on the Internet. This allows for a much richer experience in memorializing the departed,

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